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While I was traveling for work last week, I read a book I bought last year called "Horrorstör," a horror-comedy novel. I learned of the book from a post by [personal profile] barak and I thought it sounded like a real hoot.

The story deals with a group of employees at a Ikea-type store called Orsk, which sells various ready-to-assemble furniture with odd Scandinavian names. One night, the manager asks two employees to stay the night in the store with him to investigate who is damaging store property before a corporate auditing team arrives the next morning.

As the evening progresses, the employees find that the entity damaging the store property is of the supernatural variety and that they are all in danger because of it.

As someone who has worked retail in the past, I found the forced business culture and sayings as terrifying as the supernatural activity itself. I don't want to give any more of the story away, but I really enjoyed the story. It was a fairly quick read, as I breezed through it on the flight out and the flight back home. I especially like the way the book looks like a catalog and has pages describing various Orsk home and office products, which gradually become more and more disturbing as the story advances and each has an order number containing "666."

According to the Wikipedia page for the novel, the rights have been optioned for a television series. I would recommend not reading the Wikipedia page as it contains spoilers for the book.


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